Something strange I noticed: generally, in life, I am not a very auditory person. But when I travel, my ears seem to wake up from a long winter sleep and whisper to themselves: finally some action!

Sounds, familiar or unfamiliar, find their way to these weird seashell-looking organs sticking on my head. Queuing at the gate, squeezed somewhere in a bus or a train, at the supermarket: I love listening to people. Whether it’s live or on the phone, it does not really matter.

It’s the different accents, the vocabulary people use, the bits and pieces you pick up just by passing people by… Sometimes they even carry a hidden message: you have been biting your nails about something – and there it is: a sentence, probably not in the same context, but fitting to solve your issue or to put it into a different perspective.

I am not saying I laugh at people, I listen because I recognise myself in these situations, or maybe even bits of humanity. And the risk of being ‘busted’ comes with it. I respect people’s privacy, I am not a psycho who stalks people and shuffles closer quietly, just to listen to their conversation. It happens occasionally and when appropriate, I guess. And when it’s not, you usually get a glance from the person who spotted you. A bit like when you are trying to read that article.. in someone else’s newspaper.

I know, I am weird for writing this, but what can I say: I am curious, I am human, and everything you say shall not be used against you, I promise.