Rooftop beauty

When I think of memorable experiences abroad, I often think of rooftops. I think of conversations, dinners, gazing over rivers and city centres, …. I think of that deep conversation while watching the stars on a rooftop in Istanbul. I remember feeling like a princess at a lounge area in Udaipur. The small pool on top of a hotel in Phnom Penh. The rooftop bar in Antwerp. The view across a cathedral in Sevilla. Ginger tea in Ladakh. Or even the once-in-a-lifetime dinner I had with my mother in Paris.

And while you would think these rooftop moments are only for the ones that can afford luxury, you’re wrong. I remember paying 3 euros a night for that guesthouse in Udaipur. Granted, it was in 2007. But it’s still pretty cheap nowadays. Only the restaurant in Paris was expensive.

I guess you could say all of this is pretty obvious. It’s like sitting in a beautiful garden. Or being on a secluded beach. But it really thrills me to find the perfect roof top bar to have a drink with family, friend or stranger. Or even on my own.

I think being on a rooftop gives you this sense of overlooking not just a city, but your life as well. Without wanting to be too airy-fairy here, it really makes me feel at peace. I could read for hours on a rooftop. Or write. Or talk. Reality is not present, just for a moment. You’re above that. You’re enjoying the view. Enjoying the journey. It’s also the reason why I always want the window seat in an airplane. It’s that feeling when you take off and you see everything getting smaller and smaller…. And you face the unknown and you have to let go of everything. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that feeling.




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