Travelling solo

I’m almost thirty years old now, I’m married and I still want to travel by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and I love to travel with my husband. Especially because he’s an avid traveler and we share that passion. But there’s just something about traveling on your own that makes it a tad more adventurous. I don’t really care about my looks as much as I do with my husband (women…) and you really do meet people more easily.

Visiting friends abroad is definitely the easiest way to get some ‘on the road’ me-time. You have a purpose, you know where you’re going and you know at least one person.

But what if you just want to spend a weekend doing what you love and be selfish? For example: reading books and visit a dozen different bookshops and have long walks? Without having to compromise?


It’s not always easy to say: “Hey, I’m off. I need this.” Maybe you need to reflect. Or breathe. Or learn some new words. Or see a different horizon. Or take a break from motherhood. How do you talk about it? What words do you use? How can you make sure your significant other doesn’t take it personally? It can be quite scary. Especially once you get used to being in his or her company all the time. And it’s even harder for the one being ‘left behind’ for a while. I have to admit when he occasionally takes off solo, my heart always jumps up a little. “What if he meets an interesting woman? What if something happens to him? What if I never see him again?“. But you have faith and you let go.

I feel blessed I married someone whom understands what travel means to me. With values like trust, freedom and communication, I love traveling with him, and without him.


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