Little things

I’m currently on a cruise in the Mediterranean sea. I’ve never been a cruise before, and it wouldn’t be my first choice. But it was given to us (me & my husband) as a wedding gift. With stops in Marseille, Savona, Napels, Palermo, Valletta and Barcelona, I’m not complaining. At all. Turns out, it’s quite useful to have your hotel follow you around while you hop from city to city. And there’s something very majestic about leaving a port on such a big ship. But I catch myself enjoying the little things the most. Watching fishermen arrive in the port, watching my husband reading, gazing over the sea, … The little things you deeply enjoy are often hard to capture on camera.


In Savona, we saw another young couple walking with an old person in a wheelchair on a promenade near the sea. We heard an Italian mamma shouting beautifully from an old building on the second floor. We had a buffalo mozzarella salad lunch in the blazing springtime sun. I watched an old lady hang her laundry on her terrace. And I saw the cutest dog I have ever seen.


Everything is so simple when you travel.  All you can really do is enjoy and just figure out what you will do next. Traveling, when you think of it, is a form of mindfulness. It makes no sense to worry about the past or the future. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway. Or maybe it’s just the sun and the sweet South that makes me forget about work and my life back home. But enough travel philosophy. Here’s the cute dog I promised you. Enjoy.

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