One day, I was driving by myself and I was looking for  some music to play. And there it was, a song I hadn’t played in years. It was a South American song. The tune kicked in and I drifted off. I thought of the sun, dancing, summer… And I started thinking about how music really affects your (travel) memories.

When I listen to a band called Baba Zula, I’m reminded of my friend from Istanbul. I listen to Amadou & Mariam or Fatoumata Diawara, and I think about how I really want to go to Mali one day. And then there’s the Indian classical music I like. I dig the rhythm of the drums and the pure sound of the sitar. BB King takes me to New York, John Butler Trio to Australia, opera classics to Italy. And when I try to relax, I even go for Chinese classical music.




Music can really you take you to a different place or add a dimension to your life that’s very hard to put into words. It makes a simple drive completely different. But music can also create strong memories, anchored in your soul.

I’ll never forget singing a song by the Spice Girls with friends on a bridge in Prague, dancing in a nightclub in the South of France, crying over the end of a Greek summer love in Switzerland, and my very first CD’s I got while I was visiting my family in Canada (Creed & Incubus!). And I know, I know. It’s very simple to (scientifically) just call it a matter of association. You associate a song with a moment in your life. But it’s not just that.

To prove my point, here’s an old song my Greek friends from Thessaloniki once sang:
I hope you’ll enjoy this song as much as I did.


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